Director:  Naziga Samuel

The Department has the following functions:

  1. Ensure effective coordination, supervision and monitoring of activities of Zonal/State Offices.
  2. Organise programmes to ensure effective representations of the Commission and other operations of the Zonal/State Offices.
  3. Coordinate the provisions of necessary working materials for effective operations of the Zonal/State Offices.
  4. Serve as a link between the Commission and Zonal/State Offices.
  5. Serve as a Central Reporting System of all field operations of the Zonal/State Offices.
  6. Forward copies of the analysed reports from the Zonal/State Offices to the PRS Department for production of Commission’s annual statistical bulletin.
  7. Make bi-annual reports on the performance of the Zonal/State Offices to the Management of the Commission.
  8. Create and maintain a comprehensive Data Bank on the activities of the Zonal/State Offices.
  9. Prepare Departmental annual report and submission of same to the Planning, Research and Statistics Department on or before end of first quarter of the following year.
  10. Carrying out any other assignment as may be directed by the Chairman or the Commission.