Director: John Anda

The functions and responsibilities of the Department include:

  1. Technical and operational support to Members, Committees and Staff,
  2. Recommend to Management, appropriate ICT hardware, software and consumables required by the Commission;
  3. Management, enhancement and support of the Commission’s local Area Networking (LAN) infrastructure;
  4. Management, enhancement and support of the Commission’s Wide Area Networking (WAN) infrastructure located at eleven (11) State Offices;
  5. Analyze and implement ICT-related Government Policies, Gazettes and Executive Orders;
  6. Formulation and Implementation of the Commission’s ICT Strategies and policies;
  7. Implementation of e-government initiatives;
  8. Maintenance and Rehabilitation of existing computer systems, servers and peripheral components;
  9. Organize regular in-house ICT trainings to enlighten Staff as well as offer support to externally arranged trainings; and
  10. Maintenance and enhancement of the Commission’s website.