Director: Mohammed Sunusi Hassan

The Administration and Human Resources Department is a service Department. It has the following functions:

  1. Formulate the Commission’s recruitment policy to conform with the provision of the Federal Guidelines on Appointment, Promotion and Discipline.
  2. Consider and recommend to the Commission, all matters concerning Appointment, Promotion and Discipline of all staff.
  3. Advise on Staff Pension and Gratuity.
  4. Cater for the welfare needs of the Staff of the Commission.
  5. Ensure that all rights and privileges of Staff are upheld.
  6. Identify training needs of staff and ensuring their achievement with a view to enhancing productivity.
  7. Coordinate the Transport system of the Commission. In doing so, it shall keep motor vehicles register, fuel register, ensure the provision of up-to-date insurance cover for all motor vehicles and maintain the vehicles both at Head Office and Zonal/State Offices.
  8. Ensure the provision of clean sanitary environment in the Commission. In this respect, it shall supervise all companies providing cleaning services for the Commission in order to ensure that the environment is kept neat and tidy, cleaners and gardeners are at all times maintaining the surroundings for conducive working atmosphere.
  9. Plan and coordinate all Medical and related Services by ensuring that all the health need of Members and Staff of the Commission are adequately catered for both in line with the National Health Insurance Scheme and through the Commission’s Clinic as well as collaborating with other healthcare service providers.
  10. Coordinate and supervise all security matters – both at the Head Office as well as Zonal/State Offices including residences and other assets of the Commission wherever they are located.
  11. Oversee the activities of the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) Unit.
  12. Prepare of Departmental annual report and submission of same to the Planning, Research and Statistics Department on or before end of first quarter of the following year.
  13. Provide administrative, technical and professional support to the Personnel Matters Committee (PMC), Senior Staff Committee (SSC) and the Junior Staff Committee (JSC).
  14. Carry out any other assignment as may be directed by the Chairman or the Commission.