M.B. Shehu (OFR), Chairman, Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) recently welcomed the Nigerian Customs Service, led by the Comptroller-General of Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi (MFR), to the Commission. The courtesy visit was a significant and collaborative encounter between two crucial entities in Nigeria’s fiscal landscape. The visit aimed to foster cooperation, enhance understanding, and explore avenues for optimizing revenue generation and allocation processes.
Comptroller-General Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, accompanied by a delegation from the Nigerian Customs Service, engaged in constructive discussions with the leadership and officials of the RMAFC. The meeting provided an opportunity for both organizations to share insights, challenges, and perspectives related to revenue mobilization and fiscal allocation within the country.
During the visit, there were likely discussions on strategies to improve efficiency in revenue collection, enhance transparency, and ensure a fair and equitable distribution of funds among the different tiers of government. The dialogue could have touched upon the collaborative efforts needed to strengthen fiscal policies, curb leakages, and promote financial accountability.
This courtesy visit reflects a commitment to inter-agency collaboration and synergy, acknowledging the interconnected roles played by institutions like the Nigerian Customs Service and the RMAFC in Nigeria’s economic development. The exchange of ideas and information during such visits contributes to the ongoing efforts to streamline fiscal processes, promote good governance, and ultimately contribute to the overall socio-economic progress of the nation.