At the retreat held between 8th and 12th December, 2019 in Lagos, with the theme, “Consolidating the RMAFC for Greater Efficiency: Issues, Expectations and Way Forward, the Chairman, Engr. Elias Mbam said, “the Commission has programmed to review the remuneration of political office holders in 2020 to reflect current realities”

In his response to reporters’ enquiries on the issue, he said: “The present law that designed their entitlements is the Remuneration Act of 2008, which provides that at the end of their service they are entitled to severance allowance of 300 per cent provided that they have served for a minimum of two years. This is the only thing provided by the law for governors by that Act. So, anything outside this is not known to our own laws.

“But there is also a provision in the law, which permits a state House of Assembly to provide pension for their leaders. As far as we are concerned the one we know, and the one we said it should be, is the Remuneration Act of 2008, which is basically severance allowance and nothing more.”

He added that the Commission would review the remunerations of Political Office Holders to reflect the country’s current realities in line with its Constitutional mandate. Speaking further, he said the review would affect the remunerations of Local Government Councils’ Chairmen and Councilors as well as Governors, Commissioners, Ministers, the President, Vice President and Members of States’ and National Legislatures.

He said part of the Commission’s responsibility “is to do the remuneration appropriate for the political office holders from the local council to the national level whether appointed or elected. Our work does not include those of civil servants, which are handled by the Salaries and Wage Commission. I am talking purely on the political office holders from the council level to the presidency. That is the area we are saying that we will review in line with our constitutional mandate to align them to our current realities.”