Considering the sensitive and enormous tasks vested on the Commission and the numerous challenges it faces, the swearing in of the Chairman and 29 Commissioners by President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday, 27th June 2019 was a welcome development as Staff and Stake Holders all looked forward to the Commission delivering on its mandates as well as addressing salient issues affecting it.

In his speech, the President tasked the Chairman and Commissioners to:

  1. Concentrate more on expanding the sources of revenue to the Federation Account and other non-oil sources including solid mineral.
  2. Use all legal ways and means to strengthen its monitoring mechanism and block leakages of revenue from the Federation Account.
  3. Ensure that all relevant laws and regulations on revenue collections and remittances are fully complied with and appropriate sanctions visited on defaulters.

While assuring the full support of government for the Commission to achieve its constitutional mandate, he equally called on the National Assembly to enact relevant enabling laws that would guarantee the Commission the legal ability to ensure that defaulters of revenue laws are appropriately sanctioned.